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23 Oct 2016

Vol.168 (En)

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Another mass retrenchment plan announced

- and it is not any bank, oil or gas company, but a media company in Singapore.

With the start of 2016, we had gone through many retrenchment news in Singapore. Here comes another one: 10% of employees will be cut off within 2 years - the main newspaper publisher in Singapore, Singapore Press Holdings(SPH).

About 400 people of SPH will lose their jobs by 2018.

Yahoo News reported that the union representing SPH employees was only informed by management of planned job cuts just 30 minutes before SPH was scheduled to announce this shocking new to its staff.

Not only mentioning the above fact, the rumor of mass retrenchment had been in the air putting uncertainty to all the staff including their own journalists for more than 1 week.

Because originally the news were reported by other publishers not by their own management.

It is regrettable that company's retrenchment plan tends to be announced in "drier" way here in Singapore.

Only a few months being left till the end of this year, we just cannot help but wish that afte rain comes fair weather, good news to us, working people in Singapore.