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25 Sep 2016

Vol.166 (En)

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40s, 50s losing their jobs on the rise

68.7% are professionals, managers, executives and technicians

The number of the redundant workers in Singapore is at a 7-year high, the worst since the 2009 recession, the Straits Times newspaper reported on Sep 16.

It revealed that 9,510 workers were made redundant in the first half of this year, compared with 6,750 in the same period last year.

By age group, the largest numbers who lost their jobs were in thier 40s (34.2%), followed by 50s (29.9%) and 30s (28%).

The article introduced a 43-year-old manager in an international coaching firm, who lost her job in the first half of this year. Since being retrencehd, she has applied more than 700 companies including many small and midium-sized enterprises, but yet to be hired successfully.

Which industries are facing of closing down because of poor business and lack of manpower? What measures to be done to stay ready and relevant?

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