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15 Sep 2016

Vol.165 (En)

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Higher demand on overseas Singaporean professionals

82% are interested to return home

The latest whitepaper 'Return of the Asian Talent' from recruitment firm Robert Walters, revealed that 82% of the 212,500 Singaporean professionals working overseas are keen on returning home if they are offered a higher salary.

The popular industries attracting them are banking and financial services, information technology and sales & marketing sectors.

Affected by the economic slowdown and the talent shortage, HR & hiring managers are reaching out overseas local professionals.

Overseas talents are expected to have both a global mindset as well as a familiar understanding with local culture at the workplace.

On the other hand, overseas professionals have also been looking for the chances to return home, mainly for taking care of aging parents.

20% of overseas Asian respondents expect more than 20% salary increment as well as clear career progression and flexible working arrangements.

Hiring managers will need to negotiate salary increments, and can consider of offering such options like paying for the shipping of items back home, assisting with accommodation options etc.