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28 Jul 2016

Vol.162 (En)

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What to include in your resume - PSLE result, CCA details and NS?

Singapore resume trend - money$mart opinion

The opinion article of money$ was interesting to me this month. With its title "Think twice before including the following information on your resume, because nobody cares", it suggests what are not to be included in your resume.

1) How many A* you scored in the PSLE --- Potential employers do not care these. They just want to know that you can do the job well and be someone others can work with.

2) National Service --- "If the NS experiences are relevant to the jobs you are applying for, you can mention your NS vocations on your resume", says Eunice Tan, managing consultant at recruitment firm Jade Clover. Military experience tends to be looked upon favourable overseas, so you should go ahead and tell the overseas employers about it.

3) Basic computer skills and word processing --- Unfortunately these skills are considered to be equal to your ability to breathe and poop in this digital era. You can mention it in your resume unless you can do something that most ordinary people can't, such as run Microsoft Excel applications or code, according to money$

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