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10 Jun 2016

Vol.159 (En)

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What is the best solution to find a job easier?

Myth and fact revealed by Singapore recruitment agency

There are close to 1,500 recruitment agencies in Singapore.

Many people try to find jobs through these agencies, although securing a job through SNS is getting popular recently.

Here is the list of myths and facts revealed by STJobs, Singapore recruitment agency.

Myth: I've submitted my resume with a recruitment agency but I still can't get any offer.

Fact: Recruitment agencies proceed job searches examining the candidate's skills and experiences to match with what the hiring companies are looking for. This process requires the agencies to go deeper into the hiring manager's expectation as well as the role, organisational culture of the company. Submitting the resume does not mean that you will get a chance to proceed to the interview.

Myth: Is it faster if I send my application to the company directly?

Fact: You can send your resume directly to the company. However, many big corporations tend to get talents from the recruitment agencies as it is the best and effective ways to access a pool of skilled workers. In addition, some of the jobs opportunities are only exclusive to recruitment agencies as some companies are to hire through them. Going through the recruitment agencies can help the companies save time to access the right talents.

Myth: Do I need to pay a commission to the recruitment agency to help find a job?

Fact: No, the candidates do not need to pay a commission. Instead, the hiring company are to pay such fee that recruitment agencies work on process of screening, negotiating and confirming the candidates.

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