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14 May 2016

Vol.157 (En)

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More companies offer contract jobs in Singapore

How to survive to get a stable job?

Singapore's employment rate has been staying low, but it does not mean that it would be easy to find a stable job recently.

Employers are moving towards hiring staff on a contract basis, according to the Hays Quarterly Report for April to June 2016.

The staff working on such contracts gets the benefit of someone working for him for at least 8 or 9 hours a day, but the employers don't have to give them any benefits.

The article on Money$mart introduced the effective tips how Singapore can survive under this circumstance.

If you can't turn up for work one day, you simply don't get paid for that day. Often, they get paid less, too.

No good employee would work for them for long months/years under such conditions.

If you are employed as a contract staff and looking for stable income, the end goal is to get converted to full time staff.

So you should perform beyond the limits of your job scope being aware of emerging trends.

The company will only retain you if they predict that you'll be useful to them in the future.

If you act as if you're there for the long run while you're at work, your chances of being retained are higher.