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23 March 2016

Vol.154 (En)

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Foreigners file police reports against 3 local recruit agencies

Two businessmen own and run the 3 firms - Asia Recruit, Asiajobmart and UUBR International.

20 foreigners have claimed to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and police that they handed thousands of dollars to these firms, reported last week.

At the start, they would pay $290 or $390 to market their resumes on Asiajobmart.

They were told they would get their money back if they failed to get a "successful interview with an employer" within a period of time.

After submitting the resume with successful payment, they would get a call from UUBR International for interviews and would be offered jobs.

But there was a catch.

They had to pay up to $1,030 in training fees, of which $850 would be refunded once they get a work pass. In almost all cases, the work pass application was rejected. Under such, the refund wasn't done as it was said earlier.

At Connectsia's office at the Singapore Land Tower, the reporter of the Straits Times met another job applicant there to pay her training fees. "They said if I didn't pay today, they won't hold the position for me," said the Indian national who was offered an administrative position for $2,000 a month.

One of these 2 business men who run these 3 firms, defended his firms' practices. "The process that clients go through, we did not force it on them. I also told them that the EP (Employment Pass) is not easily approved."

Foreigners who filed police reports say they are hoping for MOM and the police to do more investigations.