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31 January 2016

Vol.150 (En)

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Motivated, strategic and always passionate

Everyone turns out to be the same on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the world's largest business social network, announced the top most overused buzzwords used for describing Singapore professionals' profiles.

The top 10 overused words in the LinkedIn profiles of Singapore-based members for 2016 are:

- Passionate
- Leadership
- Motivated
- Strategic
- Driven
- Track record
- Creative
- Responsible
- Extensive experience
- Organisation

The word "Track record" is uniquely seen in the profile of Singapore professional while "Passionate", "Strategic" and "Motivated" are recorded as the top 3 words in the world-wide profiles.

Roger Pua, LinkedIn's senior director of corporate communication for Asia-Pacific commented, "Actions speak louder than words. Instead of building their LinkedIn profiles with overused buzzwords, we encourage our members to think about how they can stand our from the crowd and differentiate themselves, such as substantiating their work and achievements with concrete examples such as awards, presentations, research papers, etc."

The article introduces some LinkedIn lessons to perfect your profiles. Read more here.