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23 January 2016

Vol.149 (En)

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Fresh graduates' median salary in Singapore: S$3,200

These are 10 best-paying jobs for degree holders

The latest survey by the top 3 universities in Singapore found that the median salary of degree holders graduating class of 2014 rose to S$3,200, 5% up from the previous year. (By

Unemployment rate has been lower than 3% for past years. Fresh graduates here seem to have little fear of not being able to find a job.

The atricle also revealed top 10 best-paying jobs for degree holders as follows:

#10 - Quality Assurance - $2,708
The job requires you to make tests and analyse the results to come up with solutions for technical issues and problems.

#9 - Research And Development - $2,738

#8 - Property Management - $2,750
You need to maintain property rentals by advertising and filling vacancies, negotiating leases as well as taking care of the security and maintenance of the premises.

#7 - Corporate Affairs - $2,755

#6 - Finance And Accounting - $2,765

#5 - Production - $2,767

#4 - Project Management - $2,813

#3 - Information Technology - $2,816
Graduates of Information technology can work in a wide variety of jobs within a company. These include working as a software engineer, programmer or being a systems analyst.

#2 - Legal - $2,856
The legal profession is still seen upon as one of the most prestigious degrees, next to being a doctor. However, there seems to be a glut of fresh law graduates in recent years, resulting in a shortage of training contracts in law firms in Singapore.

#1 - Engineers - $2,888
Till a few years ago, the most popular job among fresh graduate has been legal. Now it seems that fresh engineering graduates earn the highest median salary. They work in a variety of fields to analyse, develop and evaluate large-scale, complex systems.