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6 December 2015

Vol.146 (En)

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New jobs and skills for Me Generation

We had never expected such job titles as user experience designers, search engine optimisation specialists, or social media analysts a decade ago.

And those who are between 20 and 35 years old called Me Generation, seem to have been playing important rolls for these positions.

Thinking back some milestones - Google was founded in 1998, Facebook was launched in 2004, and the first iPhone was released in 2007.

More than 3 billion people - 43% of the world's population use the internet, according to the United Nations International Telecommunication Union.

So what would be required qualification and skills for these new jobs? How much salary is expected for them?

The article from the Straits Times reveals such information as follows:

"App developer"
Estimated monthly salary: $4k - $5k
Minimum qualifications:
- A degree or diploma in IT or related fields and a good foundation and experience in mobile application development on platforms such as iOS, Android or Windows.
- Ability to solve complex programming problems.

"Sustainability officer"
Estimated monthly salary: $6k - $8k
Minimum qualifications:
- A degree in environmental management, sustainable urban solutions, science, engineering or a related field.
- Have an in-depth knowledge of sustainability and a passionate interest in sustainable solutions.

"Social media officer"
Estimated monthly salary: $4k - $6.5k
Minimum qualifications:
- Possess good copywriting skills, creativity, a sense of humour and an experimental mindset.
- Have good data analysis and interpretation skills and savvy with social media.

"Search engine optimisation specialist"
Estimated monthly salary: $3.5k - 5k
Minimum qualifications:
- Degree in any discipline, with knowledge and experience in search engine optimisation and proficiency in Web technologies such as HTML, CSS and XML.