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3 November 2015

Vol.144 (En)

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Good employer is always looking for a higher paying company

79% of Singapore companies experienced losing talents last year

Recent survey, held by global recruitment company Robert Half, revealed that 79% of 150 Singapore companies lost good skilled employees as they changed jobs attracted to higher pay.

16 countries took part in this survey. Singapore’s 79% shows the highest trend among other countries, followed by China (71%) and the United Arab Emirates and Japan (both are 65%).

On the average, 52% of firms reported losing a good employee to a better offer in the past year.

95% of participated companies said that they have had to boost their pay offer to win a candidate over in the last year.

Ms Stella Tang, managing director of Robert Half Singapore, said offering more money to a person to entice them from their current company has always happened, but it has increased in the current tight labour market.

In addition to offering more pay to workers, Robert Half provides six tips for companies to effectively retain their valuable employees:

1) Set up a clear career path for your employee.
2) Acknowledge staff achievements.
3) Trust your employees and let them complete their work successfully.
4) Offer flexible work arrangements in such cases like family medical emergencies or school activities.
5) Build positive spirit and loyalty by setting up group activity or day event.
6) Keep employees in the communication loop. It is a key that they play a role in projects.