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24 October 2015

Vol.143 (En)

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Positive impact of training

Singapore employers send more staff to be trained

Recent biennial Manpower Ministry (MOM) survey revealed that 8 in 10 employers sent staff to trainings in 2014, increased from 7 in 10 recorded in 2012.

The trainings are conducted under the direction of a teacher, lecturer or course supervisor with structured sequences, not including informal on-the-job trainings.

The cost for training did not show big difference between 2012 and 2014, the averages per trainee are S$717 and S$726 respectively.

The employers that participated the survey reported sending their staff bring in a positive impact on the performance of their staff and organisation.

One of my local friends company started conducting in-house training recently. According to him, any of staff can become a trainer who can share his speciality and knowledge, and hold lectures sequentially.

So, the resource for the training is not only outside of the company, but can be found within us, too, if the budget constrains in your company.