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16 September 2015

Vol.141 (En)

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Is he resigning soon?

These are the signs that your Singaporean employees are thinking of quitting.

Japanese businessmen who have come to Singapore to work and stay, might need to admit sooner or later that staffs hired here may not stick to the positions as long as their bosses expect.

As we are aware, people here in Singapore intend to build up their careers by changing jobs. This could be sort of headache for the employers.

The article introduces 7 signs that Singaporean might be considering of quitting his job soon.

1) Always feel stressed or feel negative in the office?

2) Don’t feel like working together with any colleagues at the office?

3) Do you find yourself spending hours on SNS more than on checking official emails?

4) Unsatisfactory work performance.

5) Do you feel your job is boring?

6) Do you feel the salary is not high enough?

7) You cannot believe in the product or service that you have been dealing with?

If the answers to the above 7 questions are "yes", we would be able to assume that he/she might be thinking of some other jobs. Well, I believe these don't apply only to Singaporean, but to all of us.