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27 June 2015

Vol.136 (En)

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More job hopping in Singapore

Changing jobs every one to two years on average

Recent tight labour market effected by strict schemes for hiring foreigners, job hopping has become more common, say human resource experts.

The Straits Times newspaper article (dated of 15 June 2015) introduces some example cases. Ms Cynthia Lim, 35, checks online job search portal site twice a day although she is just around 4 months into her job as a corporate communications manager of a private school. She says that she is ready to move anytime.
Ms Lim has had 10 jobs in the past 15 years.

Ms Linda Teo, country manager of recruitment firm ManpowerGroup Singapore said workers here switch jobs every one to two years on average, which is more frequent than a few years ago, then the average worker would stay for at least two years.

Those job hoppers expect to get a 15% to 20% pay rise with every switch, said HR experts. But in reality, employers are more likely to offer a 5% to 10% increase due to the uncertain economic climate.

"Looking for jobs is just so convenient with mobile technology", Ms Lim surfs online looking for jobs while commuting.

Country manager Femke Hellemons of recruit firm Adecco Singapore cautioned workers against changing jobs just because they want more pay. Frequent job hopping is especially common among those below 25 years old.

How about your company? Are your young staffs keen on staying longer?