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17 June 2015

Vol.135 (En)

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Jobs outlook for Q3 better in other parts of the Asia-Pacific region than in Singapore

The ManpowerGroup, US-based recruitment firm, released the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey report early this month.

The survey says that the labour market here in Singapore will stay tight while other parts of the Asia-Pacific region shows better figures in hiring new staff.

About 59,000 employers across 42 countries took part in the survey, covering 690 Singapore employers.

The figures indicate the difference between the number of bosses looking to increase and the number to decrease recruitment - stood at a net +13% for Q3 in Singapore.

The net employment outlook for Singapore for Q3 was only better than those of Australia (+6%) and New Zealand (+12%) among the Asia-Pacific economies.

The countries ranked in the top 3 were Taiwan (+42%), India (+37%) and Japan (+23%).

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