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12 May 2015

Vol.133 (En)

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Japan offers the fattest package for the expatriates

(MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey result)

The expatriate pay package for middle managers in Japan that amounts to S$496,747, ranked in the top among other Asian countries.

The annual survey called "MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey" was held by ECA international.

Expatriate pay packages factor in 3 main elements: salary, tax and benefits such as accommodation, international school fee, utilities or cars.

Mr Lee Quane, regional director, Asia at human resources consultant ECA Internationa says that Japan continues to top the ranking because of lofty income tax rates and the high cost of benefits in the country.

Australia ranks in the top 2, followed by India, China and Hong Kong.

"Previously, China ranked below Hong Kong, but in the past couple of years, it has overtaken Hong Kong due to a few factors," he adds. "Benefits costs have increased - medical insurance costs for example are amongst the highest in the world. Also because of issues such as pollution, companies are needing to increase incentives, particularly to senior level staff".