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6 May 2015

Vol.132 (En)

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More jobseekers log on to social media to look for better career

(Survey result)

The online survey "The 2015 Randstad Award" revealed that more jobseekers use social media platform to search for career opportunities.

The online survey was conducted over 3.5 months by an independent external research agency among a population of 7,103 people in Singapore.

Here are the findings on the popularity of each social media:

1) LinkedIn
The most popular social media among the survey participants. 54% or respondents opted for it. Employees with post-graduate qualifications prefer LinkedIn.

2) Facebook
Workers over the age of 45 choose Facebook more than any other social media platform to look for better jobs. In total, Facebook ranked as the 2nd top with 51% votes. Those with a Bachelor's degree intend to use Facebook more than LinkedIn.

3) Google+
Only 30% of participants chose Google+ to find work. Jobseekers who do not have tertiary qualifications use Google+.

4) Twitter / Instagram
More young jobseekers, with around one in five 18-24-year-olds, have taken to Twitter and Instagram to find work.

Randstad Country Director for Singapore Mr Michael Smith said, "Singapore tops countries like the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Japan in terms of their workforces' confidence in using social channels to find a job. Social and professional media has become entwined in our daily lives and is an indispensable tool for companies to reach out to potential employees".