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4 Apr 2015

Vol.130 (En)

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11 jobs that will be hot in 2020 – Singapore

(SPH Content Studio / The Straits Times Website)

Recently the StraitsTimes website introduced the article "11 jobs that will be hot in 2020". As the worlds is quickly and constantly evolving, careers also moving at the same pace, it says.

Here are the list of 11 jobs which are said to be hot in the next five and beyond.

1) Building Services Engineer
As Singapore's second Green Building Masterplan launched in 2009 has set the target that by the year 2030, 80 per cent of buildings in Singapore will have to be Green Mark-certified. The need for Building Servies Engineers who can focus on green buildings will be on the rise.

2) Railway Engineer
In terms of skills, Railway Engineers have an edge because of the multi-disciplinary nature of their field like civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering. Transport is a key initiative in Singapore, this career will only keep soaring in demand.

3) Electromechanical Engineer

4) Research Associate (Drug Discovery or Process Development)
With an ageing population, as well as new strains of viruses and diseases being discovered constantly, knowledge and skills that range across the whole spectrum of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing will continue to be in demand across time.

5) Manufacturing Biotechnologist

6) Cyber Security Specialist

7) Software Engineer

8) Accountant (Management consulting/Bank)

9) Financial/Business Analyst

10) Hotel Operations Executive
Tourism in Singapore is a growing industry and it shows no signs of slowing down.

11) Hotel Real Estate and Investment Manager