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17 Mar 2015

Vol.129 (En)

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First salary to be more than S$4,000 – 1 in 5 new grads expect

(4 March -

Recently conducted a survey among close to 200 fresh graduates and undergraduates to find out what their first salary expectations are.

It revealed that 1 in 5 local under/graduates expects no less than $4,000 as their starting pay. In contrast, actual average starting pay for a bachelor's degree (without honours) is at $2,741, according to another report from last month.

As for the reason they deserved such high expected salary, half of the respondents said that it was because they would be graduating from a recognised university.

Earlier survey done by MyPaper found that 1 in 5 employers placed and average premium of $214 per month for those who graduated from local universities.

The article introduced the comment by Jerry Wee, Director of JRT Recruitment: "The tightening of EPs for employment, coupled with rising costs and difficulty of hiring experienced qualified locals will put fresh grads in good stead to compete in the job market".

But he also cautioned that fresh grads need to be realistic in their expectation on remuneration.