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27 Feb 2015

Vol.128 (En)

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Latest Job Market News in Singapore / SDS' Pick from February 2015

1) Online skilled freelancers are in the high demand (Feb 16)

More Singapore firms are hiring temporary staff who work remotely, and the demand is met by a growing supply of these online workers, the Straits Times newspaper reported.

"We have saved about 50% of the operating cost by hiring freelancers," says co-founder of HOME-RENTAL portal Roomorama, Teo Jia En (32) who is the boss of 35 permanent staff. Since starting the business in 2009, they has been relied on flexible labour. "It is also not necessary to worry about paying for Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions or bonuses".

According to Elance-oDesk, a United States business that runs 2 leading websites for freelancers, 37,000 freelancers in Singapore have been registered with it at the end of last year - 10,000 more than in 2013. They say "Business firms here are spending more on online freelancers, making Singapore its top Asian market".


2) Singapore Budget 2015: "SkillsFuture" (Mid Feb)

- Specialised skills in high demand: Strong technical knowledge are increasingly imporatant as the economy is restructured and more skills-based.

- Attract and retain talent in the company Workers want rewarding careers (such as job rotation and skills upgrading programmes.

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