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15 Feb 2015

Vol.127 (En)

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Latest Job Market News in Singapore / SDS' Pick from early February 2015

1) More positions of low-wage jobs available, but few applicants (Jan 28)

Low-pay, long work hours and shift work - These seem to be the main reasons why Singaporeans are not filling a rising number of job vacancies here, reported by the Straits Times newspaper.

The number of job vacancies climbed 8.9% to 67,400 in September 2014, the highest in the past 6 years, according to MOM.

The most sought after were sales assistants, security guards, waiters and office cleaners with 10,030 positions openings.

The above jobs generally require a long work week and physically tough work with unattractive pay: the average salary for shop sales assistant positions is S$1,741. For the security guard positions, it is S$1,678.


2) Leadership skill with the sound of music (Feb 9)

In total 110 senior OCBC staff experienced the program called "the Sounds of Leadership" offered by the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra (MFO) last month.

The article says that the idea is to show how teamwork and collaboration can produce memorable results in music just as in the business world, by conducting the orchestra.

Mr Eric Ong, OCBC head of emerging business commented, "It certainly served as a good reminder on the importance of collaboration, how different musical instruments in a symphony come together to produce beautiful music, and in the context of the business world, this is how different partners and stakeholders work together to achieve great results. Naturally, leadership is the key to achieving this success".