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27 Dec 2014

Vol.124 (En)

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More engineers needed for the next 5 years

Singapore: Reviewing the pay and career progression

One of Singapore's largest employers, the Public Service Division (PSD), is stepping up efforts to woo engineering talent, as the country needs 1,000 more engineers each year for the next five years to keep public infrastructural projects going - The Straits Times newspaper reported early in this month.

The article also reveals that this year, 15,400 people graduated with engineering degrees and diplomas. According to the Ministry of Education, the majority of engineering graduates who are employed in full-time jobs now are in jobs related to their course of study.

Survey shows that the average monthly pay of engineering graduates who started working last year is between S$2,800 and $3,500.

Mr Joe Eades, assistant honorary secretary at the Institution of Engineers, Singapore, analyses that salaries (for engineers) have risen by between 12 and 16% over past 5 years.

The PSD spokesman says "We recognise that the young enjoy new challenges through variety and change, so we are redesigning some of our engineering work" that includes the pay and career progression.