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17 Dec 2014

Vol.123 (En)

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More than half employers track staffs' internet use

"What if your boss knows about your purchase of a new shirt or a plane ticket to Iceland?"

The recent article on the Straits Times newspaper introduced the raised awareness of employees' Net use for private purposes.

A survey by recruitment firm Robert Half revealed that more than half companies had been monitoring employees' time online at work for excessive personal use.

225 chief technology or infirmation officers in 3 countries took part in the survey, including 75 from Singapore. It was conducted in the middle of this year.

The survey found that Singapore employees spend around 45 minutes in an average 8-hour work day on personal activities such as shopping and checking social media.

Mr Brenton Ong, director of human resources at Concorde Hotel Singapore, says that personal online activities should not be done during office time using office equipment.

"However, the hotel does not monitor employees' internet use unless the person is not performing well", he comments.

Christmas is just around the corner and people intend to purchase more online recently. If your company hasn't set any rule on the Internet use yet, would this be time to consider some measures before it is too late.