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16 Aug 2014

Vol.115 (En)

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More than 13% jobs offer over $8,000 monthly

Jobs Bank website has launched

As introduced in the previous newsletter, the new rule has set off when hiring executives from this month. Now it is compulsory for many companies to post vacancies on the Jobs Bank ( - national jobs portal website.

This labour market strategy responding to Singaporeans' unhappy voices against foreigners' higher salaries seem highly effective.

Within a few weeks after the website's official launch, it shows more than 54,000 positions available. 13% of them offer a pay of more than $8,000.

Having said that online recruitment site JobStreet shows over 53,000 jobs at the same time, the Straits Times newspaper article indicates the Jobs Bank website's launch is successful although some say that there are not enough senior positions advertised there.