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31 Jul 2014

Vol.114 (En)

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Post job vacancies on website before applying EP

From August 1, 2014

For employers with businesses of more than 25 people, it becomes compulsory to announce and post job vacancies on the Singapore Workforce Development Agency's website for at least 14 days, effective from 1st of August.

Being part of strategies named "The Fair Consideration Framework", it would give more opportunities for Singaporeans to look for jobs with various ranges.

This new rule excludes those positions with S Pass and Work Permit.


The Straits Times reported that the website "National Jobs Bank" run by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, launched successfully with 16,000 job positions being posted.

Its URL is

It says that 4,300 employers and 12,900 job applicants have been registered since its beta version had launched in May.

As recruitment agency specialized in Japanese natives and speakers, we need to keep this in our mind. Getting right talent for the position is most important, I believe.