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19 Jul 2014

Vol.113 (En)

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Mobile apps are watching employees

Singapore office trend report

Larger or smaller companies are, they are investing more in advanced software in the mobile devices that can monitor workers, The Straits Times reported in the article on July 14.

Bosses seem to be supportive of this technology to keep close eyes on the employees’ punctuality and efficiency.

For example, the employees of local property valuation firm GSK Global need to send a picture of the venue where the meetings are held, to their WhastApp department group chat within 15 minutes of designated time. Consistent delay of sending photos will affect their bonuses.

Bosses insist that they are not spying but want to improve efficiency.

The article also introduces some companies that make use of mobile phones’ GPS function to detect where their staffs are.

For the time being, no complaints have been heard by those employees, it says.

Well, would you agree with this idea? Or do you think it might lead to loss of privacy?