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17 Jun 2014

Vol.111 (En)

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80% Singaporeans want to go job-hopping next year

Research report

Latest research by Barkley reported that 4 of 5 Singapore employees plan to move jobs in the next year, looking for higher payment and career up.

It analyses that Singaporeans’ job-hopping saga would be reflected by the Singapore economy’s growth resulted in 5.4% for 2014 Q1, which brings in confidence on increased investment in the region.

60% of survey respondents showed intention to change jobs ASAP.

Here are a few more highlights from Berkley’s report:

- Regular job hopping being prevalent in Singapore’s workforce, the future growth may be halted by a lack of available talent.

- 60% of Singaporean respondents plan to move jobs in the next six months, a 2% increase on the previous survey results. Other countries reporting high predictions for job moves are India (83%), France (67%) and the US (67%).