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24 Mar 2014

Vol.105 (En)

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"Satisfied with your current job?"

Ask 570 professionals in Singapore

LinkedIn, a online professional network, conducted the global survey "Talent Trends 2014": how much the candidates were satisfied with their jobs and if they were actively looking for job.

18,000 fully-employed professionals in 26 countries took part in the survey, including over 570 professionals in Singapore.

Here are the findings:

- 72% of professionals in Singapore reported that they were satisfied with their current roles. But half of them were also looking for a new job on the other hand.

- Highest number of satisfied professionals was seen in Indonesia (84%), followed by Sweden (83%). Other countries like Hong Kong and Japan were 67% and 65% respectively.

- About 52% of respondents in Singapore seemed to have been approached by a recruiter in the past month, for a chance of better career.

The survey proves that professionals are still keen on upgrading their careers no matter how much they are being satisfied with the current status.

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