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12 Nov 2013

Vol.97 (En)

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Singapore is Number 1 for bonuses in Asia-Pacific

Singapore ranks No.1 for bonuses while Australia takes the top spot for income, a 2013 Asia-Pacific income salary report shows.

The 2013 income salary report for the APAC region was released by online research company PublicAffairsAsia, based on analysis from its own research.

The survey was conducted between June and September this year. Invitation emails were sent to over 6,000 clients in the Asia-Pacific countries. Over 660 professionals from various industries took part in the online survey.

The key findings are as follows:

1) 2013 average income ranking 1st Australia/NZ ... USD148,438 (Approx. SGD185,126)
2nd HongKong ... USD131,131 (Approx. SGD163,541)
3rd Singapore ... USD127,522 (Approx. SGD159,040)
4th China ... USD103,307 (Approx. SGD128,840)

2)2013 average bonus ranking
1st Singapore ... USD32,664 (Approx.SGD40,737)
2nd HongKong ... USD31,675 (Approx. SGD39,504)
3rd Australia/NZ ... USD23,623 (Approx. SGD29,462)
4th China ... USD18,514 (Approx. SGD23,090)

More details, such as income data by industry or by gender, are available at