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5 Nov 2013

Vol.96 (En)

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Mondayitis and Singaporeans inseparably connected?

Seventy percent of local employers receive more medical certificates (MCs) on a Monday than any other day of the week, according to JobsDB, an online human resource company based in Singapore.

It also reported in its survey of 4,300 respondents that 72% employees who manage to get out of the house reach their workplace late.

Singapore companies are paying the costs of “Mondayitis". Over 40% of the respondents agree that there was an obvious drop in productivity on the first day of the week, which also happens to be the least favourite day for 71% of them.

Are you a sufferer of Mondayitis, too?

Here are some tips from JobsDB on how to survive Mondays:

- Drink coffee
- Chat with colleagues
- Surf social networking sites
- Eat junk food

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