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8 Oct 2013

Vol.94 (En)

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How to get the most out of your South-East Asian staff

Visual tools like video conferencing would help to improve communications and teamwork, says Temasys Communications Pte Ltd.

The IT company, known for its rich media communication tools, recently released a report based on its experience with their clients entitled, "The 3 things we need to give our South-East Asian employees in 2014".

Temasys provides cloud based, cross industry telepresence and visual collaboration solutions on all platforms from board room to smart phone

It offered three ideas for companies employing South-East Asians:

1. Give a face to a name

Directors of Temasys' clients said that a major key concern they had was their staff work together daily or weekly, and even sometimes for years, yet have never seen each other.

Visual communication tools such as video-conferencing would will solve this issue and help to improve teamwork and communication.

2. Make use of the staff's electronic "toys"

Bring your own device (BYOD) is no longer really an optional policy for companies, Temasys said.

Your staff will most likely have a tablet or smartphone (or two smartphones, such as a Blackberry and iOS or Android). "So why not empower them to use them for remote meetings and corporate applications and not just for Facebook and Candy Crush", the report suggests.

Use of WiFi for remote working from home or hotel can cut the size of telco bills. It will also work for unexpected situations such as the haze situation in June-July of 2013.

3. Raise pay

When your company reaps profits from applying communication solutions, do not forget to reward your employees. A pay rise is always welcomed.

Although the report promotes the company's IT products to some degree, the ideas presented here are worth considering.