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12 Apr 2013

Vol.83 (En)

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Job applicants who get out of hand

Survey reveals the bizarre behaviour of job seekers

April heralds the start of a new fiscal year in Japan. It is a time when new graduates embark on their working careers.

It is also a period when the characteristics of the new generation of workers are revealed.

An NHK morning programme last week described these fresh graduates as "robotic cleaning machines".

Here in Singapore, you might be amused by the weird behaviour of new applicants during their job interviews.

A survey by JobsCentral of 390 recruitment managers and HR personnel, conducted from August to September 2012, showed these interesting profiles of the type of job seekers:

1) The Show-Off Candidates
- The candidate exhibited trophies which he received from his school-days and at previous companies
- She laid out all her stationery on the table during the interview
- A candidate brought along her 7-year old brother for the interview, saying she that she was babysitting him

2) The Annoying Candidates
- She answered her phone in the midst of interview and conversed with her mother on how to cook a dish
- She stalked a female interviewer at the staff entrance
- The candidate started crying during the interview as she shared her family problems
- She insisted on speaking only to the CEO
- A candidate doodled on his resume while talking to the interviewer
- Another candidate started singing the national anthem and refused to stop
- A candidate asked the interviewer out for a date
- A candidate brought her mother to sit in for the interview
- A candidate didn't want to talk about past achievements
- A candidate whispered to himself when answering questions
- A candidate's eyes rolled inwards when talking

3) The Fashion Disasters
- One candidate showed up for the interview wearing a hat and Hawaiian shirt
- A male candidate was dressed as a woman and tried to behave like one

The findings also showed what gives interviewers a positive impression. This included a strong hand shake and proper eye contact.

What are the weird job candidates you have encountered?