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5 Feb 2013

Vol.79 (En)

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6.9 million people by 2030

Singapore's population roadmap

A boost in Singapore's is inevitable to keep the economy healthy, according to the government's Population White Paper, released in late January.

Although most people expected this prognosis, some were concerned over the completely different policy towards foreign labour from that of last year.

If I do a calculation based on the current 5.3 million population, Singapore would see an influx of 90,000 people every year.

The White Paper emphasises placing priorities on getting Singaporean couples to have more babies first, followed by accepting new 30,000 permanent residents and 15,000-25,000 citizens every year.

The White Paper assures better employment opportunities for Singaporeans. The target is to raise the Singaporean quota for white collar positions, from the current 1/2 to 2/3 by 2030.

Foreign workers would be expected to provide healthcare, eldercare and domestic services to support the country's ageing population and working families. They would also build infrastructure and housing as well as work in retail and the restaurant industry, jobs that the majority of Singaporeans are not keen on.

The last group of foreigners who Singapore would welcome are global talents with cutting-edge skills and capabilities.

This demographic plan for the future has triggered more concerns about ongoing transport problems and property issues.

More than ever, we will need to be much quicker to grab opportunities.