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31 Dec 2012

Vol.76 (En)

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Despite fewer vacancies, Singaporeans intend to change job in 2013

Seven out of 10 Singaporean workers intend to change their jobs in 2013, although they fear that vacancies would drop in the new year.

This trend was revealed in a survey of 550 Singaporean workers. Over 70 per cent of them expressed anxiety over dwindling employment prospects in 2013.

The pull factor for workers to change their jobs is higher salary. The first quarter is seen as the most opportune time for job hunting.

Twenty-two per cent 100 employers said that they would recruit more than 10 people for new positions in the first half of next year. Only 9 per cent predicted stable growth for the Singapore economy.

The survey also showed that 70 per cent of the respondents expected that it would take more than three months to land a job, compared to 50% last year.

Although seeking a better job is not necessarily a bad thing, both employees and employers (and job hoppers) would need to tread carefully as the economy is expected to be rather sluggish in the coming year.