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31 Aug 2012

Vol.67 (En)

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Employment still on the rise

Singapore Q2 report summary

There was steady growth in the number of people being hired in Q2 (April to June) with 29,200 new jobs, up from 24,800 in 2011 Q2 and 27,200 in 2012 Q1, according to the Ministry of Manpower's latest report.

Strong job growth was seen in construction and manufacturing. Both industries exceeded Q1's hiring: 9,500 jobs in construction and 4,500 jobs in manufacturing.

The number of new jobs in the service industry remained at almost the same level; 15,500 jobs in Q2 and 15,800 jobs in Q1.

Layoffs continued to fall. About 2,300 workers were made redundant, a drop from 2,600 in the previous quarter.

Although the employment market has been showing a strong positive trend, Mr. Tan Chuan Jin, Acting Minister for Ministry of Manpower, reminded Singaporeans that productivity is the key driver of the country's growth.

Writing in his blog, he commented: "Singaporean cannot let up on efforts to restructure and raise skills in every jobs".