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8 June 2012

Vol.63 (En)

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New trend in Singapore's job advertisements

(2012 Q1 job index report)

The demand for jobs in human resource, logistics and business development is on the rise in Asia.

This is one of the trends identified in the Job Index report for Q1 2012 by Robert Walters, one of the world's leading specialists in recruitment.

The data collected is based on recruitment advertisements in leading job boards and national newspapers in Singapore, Japan and other Asian countries.

Singapore: The demand for positions in human resource, logistics and business development are on the rise.
- Healthy growth in recruitment advertising with an increase of 11.4% compared to 2011 Q4, and 33.7% compared to 2011 Q1.
- A 13.9% increase in the HR sector, which reflects companies undertaking significant talent transformation projects such as more flexible workforces.
- Recruitment growth in the financial services sector is steady.
- Significant growth in job recruitment advertising for business development and logistics.

Japan: There is outstanding growth in the retail sector.
- 14.8% growth in total number of job advertisements.
- Recruitment activity in the retail sector improved significantly, driven apparently by reconstruction-related spending in the wake of earthquake in 2011.
- Strong demand in the IT industry, especially for data infrastructure and smartphone engineers.
- Decline in job advertisements in the medical services sector.
- 19% increase for financial services sector, compared to the previous quarter; higher recruitment activity due to the annual hiring season.
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