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2 May 2012

Vol.60 (En)

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Gen X and women most unhappy with their jobs

Gen X and women showed low levels of job satisfaction, reveals a survey by Mercer, a leading consultancy company.

The survey "What's working?", which ran from Q4 2010 to Q2 2011, covered approximately 1,000 employees in Singapore.

We may feel anxious about the result as Gen X (aged 35 to 44) are expected to take form the next generation of leaders for companies. Successful business performance in the future depends on them.

Only 55% of this group of potential leaders are satisfied with their jobs while 72% of those aged 16 to 24 and 66% of older workers aged 45 to 54 are happy with their jobs.

In addition, Gen Xers have the smallest commitment to their organisations among all the age groups (at 51%).

Possible reasons for their negative attitude include being dissatisfaction with their monetary compensation. Only 35% reported being content with their base pay, compared to 52% for those aged 16 to 24.

Similarly, female employees are more unhappy than males when it came to being engaged in their work. Only 36% of women are satisfied with their base pay, 10% less than for men. In addition, less than half of the women feel committed to their organisations as compared to 60% for the men.

The lack of motivation towards work is likely to result in lower levels of productivity. Employers may need to take countermeasures for those who show unhappiness with their jobs.