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12 Mar 2012

Vol.57 (En)

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Employment outlook for Q2
Forecast for hiring foreign talent

As we reach the end of Q1, the sectors that are likely to hire more staff in Q2 have become apparent.

According to Mr. Ronald Lee, managing director of PrimeStaff Management Services Pte Ltd, these "star" industries are: Services (Hospitality, Retail and F&B), Construction, Healthcare, Information & Communications Technology and Life Sciences.

"On the other hand, companies in the Manufacturing and Banking sectors may adopt a cautious approach and freeze or lay off during this quarter", he said.

While the global economy is experiencing some uncertainty, companies are likely to consider outsourcing staff as well as opt for contract employment to save costs and have workforce flexibility.

As long as the hiring of the foreign talent remains a hot topic in politics, companies will need to focus on the employment ratio between locals and foreigners.

However, from the practical point of views, the employers will have to rely on foreign talents in jobs that Singaporeans shun. These jobs, which usually involve long hours, shifts or weekend work, are in the Retail and F & B industries.

In addition, thriving sectors like Construction, Hospitality, Health and Retail that continue to face labour shortages, will need foreign workers, especially in junior-level roles.

The PrimeStaff Management Services' report, which includes advice and recommendations for both recruiters and job seekers, is an interesting one. You may want to read it at